Penguin Boldness

Last night, while watching National Geographic, which I only do if my dad already has it on the television when I arrive 😂,  I watched an episode with six penguins who stumbled upon a beach filled with sea lion after sea lion. They were literally laying side by side, like Tex-Mex enchiladas on a plate. […]


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Hopes and Dreams

What if God called you to do something so outside of your comfort zone you claimed it wasn’t God’s will? What if you even said, “I don’t want to do that”? What if God then gave you over to your own will and allowed you to find your own path? What do you think it […]

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Oh No!

I read. I write. I speak. Always have. Lord willing, always will. My brain loves to learn, process, and help others. I learn by reading pretty much everything I can get my hands on, process through journaling, and then I help others by sharing what I’ve learned along the way. I read to continually learn […]

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Embarrassing Truth 🤣

Thump, bump, BOOM!”Aaaaaaa! It bit me!!!”Just then the light shot on and blinded me. My eyes squinted shut, and my husband stared down at me and chuckled. “Are you okay?””Something bit me on the foot!”My husband reached down and apprehended the culprit.”A LEGO! Are you kidding me?” I was TICKED. How could my own son […]

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Are We Watching?

This morning, as I read Matthew 25, I recalled a funny story about this chapter when I was a child. I had a misunderstanding of what this verse meant: “‘So you, too, must keep watch! For you do not know the day or hour of my return….’” Matthew 25:13 NLT If you read the story […]

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The Christmas Clean-Up

This morning during my Bible and prayer time, I was captivated by the pretty Christmas lights. I stared at the nativity scene realizing how clean and presentable we’ve made the Christmas story. I mean, who wants animal manure in the middle of the pretty Christmas story? Yuck!!! It’s almost like we had to do the […]

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The Rules of Salvation

I have a problem with rules. Maybe not intentionally, but my A.D.D. often causes me to be so in to doing one thing that I forget about the rules of something else. Now, this next confession may get me into trouble with my sister, but I’m willing to sacrifice that to get this message across, […]

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When No One Watches

I jolted from my peaceful slumber. A bright light blinded me. “What’s going on?” I puffed deep breaths, as my brain tried to recalibrate. “Mommy, look at my eyes.” I heard Logan’s little voice pierce through the darkness of my room and the blinding light of my phone that he held in my face. Obviously, […]

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The Unspeakable Bomb

I was born with pasty white skin. It was nearly transparent. You could see veins and arteries clearly through my skin, but honestly, I never even noticed it. I was a young kid. I was innocent. I loved to play and dance. I sang to the top of my lungs every Disney song within my […]

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