About Misty

I have never been normal! I am the middle of three daughters raised in a minister’s home in south Texas. My older sister graduated as the valedictorian of her class. My younger sister read Shakespeare by the age of eight. Me? Well, as a child, I got sent home from school with a note from my principal. Apparently, it’s frowned upon when you slide your legs into your coat sleeves and walk around the classroom during state testing🤷, but who could have possibly known that at that exact moment I was actually an astronaut exploring a new planet in my trusty NASA space suit.

So, I have come to grips with the fact that God made me to be different, and I am okay with that. I have a loud personality, a loud voice, and I even dress loud. 😁 I am a girly-girl with big southern hair, gaudy earrings, and bows–so many bows😂. I just love bows🎀.

I love who I am becoming. I didn’t always, but God daily teaches me to appreciate who He created me to be–because He has a purpose behind it.

I make no apologies for who God is creating me to be, and I rejoice in the fact that He takes the time to continually transform me into the woman He has destined me to become. He wants to do that with you too.

So, click on a blog; allow my crazy ramblings, of learning God more intimately through His Word, speak to your thirsty soul. Allow your heart to breathe in a fresh insight, maybe even a chuckle or two, while learning how much this incredible God loves us all.

Change starts when you say yes to all God has for you.

(Misty, her husband Joe of nearly 20 years, and their three children are building a ministry to share Jesus in Romanian villages where people groups have not received adequate access to the saving message of Jesus. Check out their ministry at missionjosiah.org .

Misty, dubbed “the funny preacher,” has a powerful way of opening the scripture and making it understandable to this generation. She comes at the world with a deep passion to lead everyone to the source of true joy, Jesus Christ, and God uses her comedic personality as a tool to draw others into a richer relationship and understanding of who He is.

Click on a blog and enjoy her thought-provoking exploration of God and His Word with adorable comedic wit.)

To book Misty to speak at your event, click to contact Misty, and we will reply.



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