Plucky Walt

“After only two months of Disneyland’s initial opening, the one millionth visitor passed through the front gate.” According to me, that meant obvious success. I mean, I haven’t had one million people show up for my events all put together…at least not YET. “When the media continued to criticize the number of unfinished attractions, Walt […]

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Marshy Yuck

My parents live on acres of heavenly marsh. That’s kind of an inside joke amongst me and my sisters because we have a love/hate relationship with this piece of property. We made so many wonderful memories here throughout our lifetimes and, of course, there’s nothing like coming home to Mom and Dad’s for Thanksgiving and […]

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Penguin Boldness

Last night, while watching National Geographic, which I only do if my dad already has it on the television when I arrive 😂,  I watched an episode with six penguins who stumbled upon a beach filled with sea lion after sea lion. They were literally laying side by side, like Tex-Mex enchiladas on a plate. […]

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