Hopes and Dreams

What if God called you to do something so outside of your comfort zone you claimed it wasn’t God’s will? What if you even said, “I don’t want to do that”? What if God then gave you over to your own will and allowed you to find your own path? What do you think it would turn out like without His loving hand guiding you to your unimaginable destiny and without his vision that sees the final outcome? What would your end result be? Will you look back and be proud of what you leave behind in the world?

BUT THEN AGAIN, what if you said, “Thank you for saving me. I am yours. Do with me whatever you want.” What if you meant it with your whole heart? That’s when you build a legacy of lives freed from addiction, depression, and bondages. That is where hearts and lives are truly changed and made greater than we ever dreamed.

Yesterday, I watched as person after person bowed before my dear friend Sister Doris Hokett. They were thanking her for the honorable lives she and her late husband Brother Arthur lived for Christ, the great work they have done in Africa and she is still doing today. So many lives have been changed and churches built all because she said yes. She is now 79 years old and working to complete church #84, but not only that…

As we drove through a parking lot to try and find the service at which she was to speak, she patted Joe on the arm. “Stop Joe! I see a man. He looks lost. I want to invite him to the service.”

In that moment, she challenged me to live my life differently. May we ALL step out of our comfort zones, pat ourselves out of our routines, and allow God to use us to lead the lost to Jesus. God doesn’t miss a single person and no one is unimportant to Him, so why do we get so stuck in our routines that we shuffle past lost people all of the time?

There is a perfect plan God has prepared for each of us. It is complete and peaceful, not miserable or disastrous. These plans will work together for your good and accomplish things for which you’ve never even dared to hope, and this plan is powerful when you dare to take hold of it because it comes from the mind of the eternal God. He’s got “amazing” in mind when our brains can barely muster up “decent.” Our plans–flawed, but His plan–perfect, and here’s the best part, He knows the way, and all we have to do is follow Him.

#FollowingJesus #Letschangetheworld


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