Embarrassing Truth 🤣

Thump, bump, BOOM!”Aaaaaaa! It bit me!!!”Just then the light shot on and blinded me. My eyes squinted shut, and my husband stared down at me and chuckled. “Are you okay?””Something bit me on the foot!”My husband reached down and apprehended the culprit.”A LEGO! Are you kidding me?” I was TICKED. How could my own son have betrayed me thus? “I’m sorry, Joe, but I’m going go kill our son now, if you could help me to my feet.””Why were you creeping around in the dark?” Face smirked and arms crossed across his chest, he just stood there so judgemental.”I was trying to not wake anyone up.” I tried to sound caring and loving, but I could tell, from my husband’s one raised eyebrow, that he was not going for the bait. “Okay,” I finally confessed, “I bought some peppermint Oreos today, and I was trying to sneak some.””Really?” His smirk shifted to one side . “I thought you said you were trying to make better choices in your eating habits as your New Year’s resolution?””I am. It’s not just regular unhealthy Oreo’s. These have healthy peppermint oil in them. That’s healthier, right?”We both looked at each other in a Mexican standoff.


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