Look at What You Did!

“LET ME GO!” Logan jerked his thin 5-year-old arm away from his brother. “Logan, I’m trying to help you. If you step backwards, you’re going to fall down the…” “Waaaa!” Logan’s wail could be heard from inside the house. I rushed out the front door and onto the porch. “What happened?” I yelled at Rice […]

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The Dust Bunnies

This morning I awoke, and you can imagine my shock, when I realized that instead of popping my allergy pill last night, I had taken a pill from an unmarked bottle that someone had placed on my nightstand. “What?  How did this happen?”  I questioned myself when I realized I was only three inches tall.  […]

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Bump in the Night

Boom!  Bang!  Aaaaaahhhh! I race from my bed to see from where the wailing is streaming.  I find my six year old son lying on the living room floor, screaming in pain, naked with his underwear in hand.  Anger swells within me! “What happened to you, son?  Who did this to you?” He is so […]

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